One of the existential sufferings of humans is the suffering of isolation. It’s an ever-
present pain that they feel even in their most satisfying relationships.
Among all the solutions to deal with this isolation, I have chosen- at first subconsciously
and then consciously- to ease the pain with Art.
Reading Irvin D. Yalom has led me to think deeper about isolation, sketch singled out
characters as a way to see myself, not be scared of my loneliness, break out of the
boundaries, and finally experience freedom.  
In this collection, I use colors and lines to connect to my thoughts, feelings, and dreams.
In my work, concerns and loneliness of modern-day humans are depicted through
Iranian miniature inspired lines and colors in stylized, yet sometimes symbolic forms.
This provides an opportunity for me to share my view with my audiences, as well as
inviting them to take their personal journey through the revelations of forms and colors.
The title of each artwork is a representation of how the topic of isolation is being
perceived by the people who are close to me. I asked them to write to me about their
view of loneliness. Then I incorporated these write-ups to artworks’ titles as an attempt
to share others’ views of isolation in my work.
This exhibition may lead to future works focusing on other existential sufferings aside
from isolation: Death, Freedom and Meaninglessness.

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