We live in a realm whose physical aspect we generally name “nature”. As one of the creations that possess
the power of thought, humans constantly need to “observe” their surroundings and define their relations
and interactions with it throughout time so as to maintain their existence. This interpretation from the
nature has changed, from ancient times until the present day, for various reasons, one of which is the level
of the superiority of each over the other. The concept of “change” is also linked to “matter” and its
utilization in this system. With these keywords in mind and considering the issue of change from different
aspects, the continuous relationship between humans and environment can be engages in a constant
confrontation. Hence, striving to observe and revise the relations that can help improve the Life appears to
be a necessity. Defining what a better life truly means is itself a question that can be answered throughout
this process. Amin Shojaei’s current project is an example of such efforts and studies with regard to

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